US Flag Ultimate Honor Display
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US Flag Ultimate Honor Display

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OUR NEW ULTIMATE US Flag Honor Display.  19" x 24"  Weighs 15 pounds.  Made of 100% 14 Gauge US Steel, Sweat and a little Blood.

We cut each piece (6) grid and clean, then Powder Coat each piece the proper color , then apply a Second Coat of Clear Coat , We then mount the Stripes Panel on top of the White Back Panel using 1/4" spacers, then Mount the Stars Panel using 1/2" spacers, then the Two plates for the Heart using 3/4" spacers, then we mount the Text Plate.  This process takes us about 5 Hours to complete but the end result is worth it.  

These can stand up OUTDOORS and will stand the test of time...and the Colors are all Metallic Powder coats.